As the medical world is advancing day by the day, the medicinal, as well as therapeutic uses of cannabis, are becoming apparent widely. More and more research is being done in this field and the scientists are trying to acquire as many benefits as they can from this exceptional plant. Various strains are being developed in various parts of the world which differ in the concentrations of cannabinoids – one of them is Katelyn Faith

The cannabinoids are the factors that make the different strains categorize. The CBD and THC concentration in any CBD product is the main thing to consider when the quality of the product is to be analyzed. CBD is the cannabinoid that has been linked with a wide range of medicinal benefits and is proved to have beneficial effects in the treatments of cancer, epilepsy, seizures, strokes and numerous other conditions. THC is the psychoactive compound and most usual CBD products have a ratio of 1:1 of CBD and THC. It is also believed a little content of THC is also vital so that CBD can be effective. Because of the advanced research, strains with a higher degree of CBD content are being developed for the purpose of medical treatments.

Katelyn Faith

Recently in 2015, a licensed cannabis producer in Minnesota claimed that he has produced the medical marijuana strain with the highest CBD content in the world. Minnesota medical solutions or MinnMed which are based in Otsego announced that their medical cannabis strain is said to have the CBD to THC ratio of 34:1, according to the third party lab testing.

The strain was given the name “Katelyn Faith” by the MinnMed, after the name of a special little girl of 8 years of age, Katelyn faith Pauling, who died of Battens disease. Her parents fought for the access of cannabis for the purpose of treating her seizures as CBD has been linked with treating and easing diseases that cause seizures. Katelyn Faith died just a few months before the state established laws for medical cannabis.

Katelyn Faith strain and other strains

Katelyn faith strain is the cannabis strain that has the highest content of CBD, earlier this title was given to the Charlotte Web strain of America which was discovered with the CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. There are also many other CBD rich strains that provide competition to the Katelyn faith strain which includes ACDC, MediHaze, Cannatonic and many more.

Properties of Katelyn Faith strain

The Katelyn Faith strain was cultivated by germination research that was conducted in months. The CEO of MinnMed Kyle Kingsley said that this is the strain with such an extraordinary CBD content in the world though it is still difficult to conclude it with certainty because testing is not as transparent and rigorous as it should be.

He added that this much CBD content is highly unusual, the breeders develop this strain with thousands of seeds in 10 months of period. There is no kind of genetic modification done in the development of Katelyn Faith. The extraction method used for this high-quality CBD requires carbon dioxide to be subjected to high pressure and low temperature, which needs a very expensive equipment.

Claims about the strain

Kingsley said that they named this strain after Katelyn Faith in order to give a tribute to her and added that the strain would not have cured the disease of Katelyn Faith but could have helped her in making the quality of her life better.

It was also revealed that this strain will not produce any intoxicating effects in the users of this strain. He said that there is not enough THC in this plant to produce intoxication, the strain will provide the maximum benefits to the patients of epilepsy and seizures, the patients will be the winners of Katelyn Faith strain.

The company is encouraged to provide the strain to all the patients who qualify. The qualifying conditions in Minnesota depend on the diseases. The patients of cancer, seizures, HIV/AIDs, glaucoma, Tourette syndrome, ALS, muscle spasms or illnesses with excruciating pain are eligible to get benefitted from Katelyn Faith strain.

The company added that this strain will help them to create more effective and high CBD medications, and will drive down the costs for all patients of MinnMed dispensaries. The costs will be reduced as less plant will be used and processed to derive out the valuable CBD content.

The patients will be able to get the high-quality CBD medications with a much lower price due to the availability of Katelyn Faith strain. The company was motivated by the incoming of patients from different parts of the country to Minnesota in order to achieve benefits from this strain. The epileptic patients and other patients who use conventional medications for their diseases like seizures will have the advantage to get CBD at an affordable price.

Most cannabis experts say that CBD requires a little content of THC to produce desired results. David Kowalsky of Cannabis Network Radio said that when it comes to the medicinal use of cannabis make sure to use the plant as a whole. The whole plant medicine is more effective in treating diseases, people are eliminating the THC content which resembles only hemp’s paste. Kingsley of MinnMed also said that they a 50-50 split of CBD and THC user, while many use the combination of both, he added that the patients of Batten disease and epilepsy are more likely to get the most benefits from Katelyn Faith strain.


The Katelyn Faith strain is the most CBD-rich content in the world at the moment. This strain can help a number of patients who suffer from serious diseases while providing them with the benefit of cheaper costs. This strain can be used in a number of ways and since the transportation of even the seeds of this strain is not allowed, the patients should be provided with the Katelyn Faith strain’s products.