Harlequin is 75/25 sativa that has a sweet musky mango fragrance. It is famous for the high potency of CBD that makes it a reliable strain to use for therapeutic benefits. It has been reported that the strain can make its users clear-headed and relax in the toughest situations. The ration of CBD and THC in Harlequin is 5:2, which means it an ideal strain. It increases the pain killing strength of the strain 2 times. It will relax your body without sedation or intoxication. Here we have everything you need to know about this strain.

Origins, genetics and history of the Harlequin CBD strain

It is a hybrid strain that comes from a combination of parent plant including.

  1. Thai Sativa
  2. Columbia Gold
  3. Swiss Sativa
  4. Nepali Indica

This is a very carefully bred sativa. It is commonly grown for the medical purposes and some even use it for recreational effects. Once you will start using Harlequin you will not have to slow down or worry about any couchlock. In reality, the effects of Harlequin are like you have to stimulated to give your best performance. However, it is important that you avoid any kind of overexposure to the strain. It will help you to deal with any kind of over-excitement and avoid any overstimulation in your body.

It will help restrain any king of psychomotor irritation. The biggest attraction of Harlequin is that it has an effective about of THC but still it is effective against different types of seizures due to which it comes with strong relaxing properties. The reason that Harlequin is a unique hybrid strain is that it is a combination of various famous strains. The genetics of the product comes from around the world that brings more therapeutic benefits.

Appearance and smell

The plant is commonly tall as compared to other strains. On the leaves, you will find a medium green color. They are not only tall but also the plant will spread its arms out that are commonly presented with the green buds, frosty trichomes and orange pistils. The smell is commonly floral and herbal. It has a hint of mango, citrus, oak, sweetness, spiciness and wood. The appearance, fragrance, effects and name of Harlequin are elegant.

Therapeutic benefits of Harlequin

Harlequin therapeutic cannabis has THC levels as high as 15 percent. It likewise has CBD levels that go as high as 15%. This one-two punch makes Harlequin the ideal therapeutic strain. Harlequin might be valuable in a few types of epilepsy which react well to treatment with CBD. In youth types of epilepsy, types of weed strains which contain next to zero THC are regularly utilized. Notwithstanding, grown-ups may need or need a strain which has some measure of THC to treat types of epilepsy and the resultant agonies and dysphoria. Harlequin is the ideal strain for grown-ups whose specialists prescribe a preliminary of weed to treat their illness and pain.

Harlequin weed can likewise treat musculoskeletal pain. In spite of the fact that THC levels are not high, 15 percent THC is sufficiently high to give proficient help with discomfort without the symptoms of love seat bolt or tension. Harlequin is a Sativa and accordingly will invigoratingly affect the brain. Agony signals from conditions like back pain, sciatica, neck pain, wrist pain, bear pain, foot pain, and different sorts of muscle pain and fits will be hindered by the pain slaughtering capacity of Harlequin restorative cannabis. Harlequin’s CBD level will likewise reduce the irritation which is the reason for these sorts of pain. This will help diminish pain in the long haul after the underlying impacts of the weed have worn off.

Harlequin restorative cannabis may likewise have the capacity to address manifestations related with ADD and ADHD. The psychomotor disturbance that presents in these sicknesses can be vulnerable to lessening by the loosening up impacts of cannabidiol. In the meantime, the absence of fixation can be enhanced by the impacts of the Sativa hereditary qualities and THC, which can empower and enhance center.

Harlequin cannabis can likewise be helpful against the attacks of uneasiness and wretchedness. The capacity of the high CBD levels to decrease irritation can help battle dejection which has been appeared in a few investigations to be caused via autoimmunity and aggravation in the mind, gut, and sensory system. In the meantime, the Sativa impacts can address the side effects of dormancy and absence of inspiration.

Harlequin therapeutic cannabis can be an awesome treatment for sickness. Since it doesn’t have the symptoms of torpidity or couchlock, nor that of tension or neurosis, it very well may be the ideal method to battle queasiness. Sickness can be an aftereffect of medications for a disease like chemotherapy and radiation. Harlequin weed can treat this queasiness without causing brutal reactions.

Harlequin restorative pot can enhance hunger also. Numerous patients with squandering conditions like tumor or HIV think that its difficult to eat. Harlequin weed can enhance craving without the symptoms of other weed strains. It won’t cause a high which is upsetting or excessively extreme. Or maybe, the inclination is smooth and pleasant. You will, in any case, have the majority of your gifts and capacities while utilizing this weed. Your brain will be clear and dynamic.

Bottom line

Harlequin is a Sativa that will relax you, which implies it gives both physical unwinding and mental incitement. Harlequin will loosen up the body and fortify the brain, motivating you to complete things, and cajoling the psyche into innovative musings and activities.

Harlequin can be an awesome compliment to exercises with loved ones where you need to mingle and have an extraordinary time. You won’t be too high to take part in exercises that require thought or coordination. You will be upbeat and agony free, and in the meantime, motivated to make and develop. Harlequin weed is an incredible ‘complete things’ strain for dynamic clients. It is a high-quality strain that will bring many positive results.