Cannabis is used for a variety of purposes that includes recreational as well as medical purposes. In order to get the most of this plant, growers look forward to developing strains – like ACDC for example – that provide the maximum benefits. As cannabis indica and sativa are the most common and pure cannabis strains which have distinctive properties. Another category of cannabis strains are hybrids which possess the qualities of both the strains. The majority of the strains that cannabis growers are cultivating nowadays belong to the hybrid species of cannabis. Since cannabis or marijuana these days does not only assist you in getting high or have some laughs and relax in life, these wonderful plants are also a great way to deal with a number of medical conditions. As the medicinal benefits of the CBD, a compound found in cannabis is gaining popularity in the world. Cannabis breeders and researchers are in process of cultivating cannabis strains that contain more and more CBD content as compared to other cannabinoids found in the strain. This need of the breeders have led them to the discovery of many cannabis strains that are CBD-rich strains, Cannatonic, ACDC, Charlotte’s web and Katelyn Faith are the strains to name a few.

What is ACDC?

In order to have an understanding about ACDC, you must know what Cannatonic is. If you have a lust for knowledge about cannabis then you must be aware of the fact that Cannatonic is one of the initial strains developed for the purpose of treating medical conditions. ACDC is a sativa-prominent phenotype of Cannatonic that contains an even higher amount of CBD while having the least possible THC content so that it can be the most medicinal and least psychoactive strain.

Characteristics of ACDC

ACDC has won many awards and received huge recognition not because it can make you high but because of the medical benefits it provides. ACDC has the following features that make it apart from the other strains.

1. CBD ratio

The biggest reason for the popularity of ACDC is its CBD ratio. To your surprise, ACDC has been proved to have the CBD to THC ratio as 20:1. When ACDC was tested in the laboratory, the sample contained 16-24% of CBD while having only 0.5-1.2% of THC, which claims it to be a better alternative than Cannatonic in order to conquer the medical advantages. If you want to have a little psychoactive effect like a mild high then Cannatonic will a better option for you as it has the THC content of at least not more than 6%. If you are considered with only the medical benefits and do not want any high then ACDC is best for you as it is also labelled as THC-free strain and it does not impair the abilities to think or work.

2. Appearance and aroma of ACDC

Speaking about the appearance of ACDC, it is similar to a mossy-style embryo with yellow-green hues and paired with orange streaks throughout. Because of the less THC content, the orange pistil’s curls and wrap throughout the sugar leaves and are not very frosty. The flavour and odor of ACDC are very pleasant and can be described as having earthy sweetness with juicy citrus. It provides a little sweet and spicy flavour with woody and tangy fragrance. It is very much preferred by the patients, who are allergic to smelly odours like the patients with epilepsy.

3. Plant structure

ACDC is of medium height and grows about 4 feet tall. The plant structure is similar to the skunk strains and the large bunches are grouped together which is known as colas. In order to grow the strain, it requires very challenging demands and wishes for maximum time and maintenance to grow. It needs a strong support from which the large bunches can hang and the plant is not pest or diseases resistance so excessive observation is vital. It can be grown indoors or outdoors but typically indoors are preferred because of the controlled environment and keeping it away from pesticides and diseases. They are grown in the warm to mildly cold conditions but very cold weather can increase its flowering time. The growth time of both indoors and outdoors plants is about 9 to 10 weeks where outdoors it provides more yield than the indoors.

4. ACDC effects

The ACDC strains are bred by Resin seeds and it has the indica and sativa ratio of 50:50, which means it possesses the features of both the strains. Though it does not produce psychoactive effects, after having ACDC one can feel a little relaxed and stress-free, the users have also reported that after smoking a little ACDC they witnessed increased ability to focus and concentrate.

5. Medical benefits

Due to its high CDB content, ACDC is used for treating medical conditions like seizures, muscle spasms, chronic pain or nerve pain. It can also help in managing stress and anxiety and provides uplifting in the mood. Reports and researches have studied that the strain can heal and provide a relieving effect even in serious conditions like cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or tremors.

6. Side effects of ACDC

Even though it does not alter the thinking abilities of a person due to the least THC content, the only side effect that it has been linked with is dry mouth or cotton mouth. Dry mouth can easily be taken under control by having a lot of fluids before and after consuming ACDC. A little preparation can be helpful in getting rid of this side effect.

Final thoughts

ACDC strains are best for when you need help with a certain medical condition without witnessing any sort of high. This strain can easily be vaped, smoked or consumed In the form of oils or edibles. This helps the patients to get benefitted from the strain according to their needs. However, it is vital that you seek the help of a medical professional before consuming ACDC and incorporating into your routines. Such cannabis strains have been very useful in conditions where conventional medicines do not work.